05.08.19: Praying For All Lives At Sea: Extended Mercies Abba Father…

Ahh Abba Father, I Welcome THEE Into This Place; & Everywhere I Am. In YAHUSHA-JESUS Name. Amen.

Ahh LORD GOD YHVH-JEHOVAH ALMIGHTY… YOU know what is Real and what is a pretense… in looking at this video, I am moved to Pray for the Precious Lives of Our Military at Sea; and for all the Other precious lives as well. Praying for YOUR Divine Intervention… so that this ‘setting’ does not lead into WW3. In YAHUSHA-JESUS The CHRIST… WHOSE COMING IS VERY NEAR, I Pray. AMEN! Have Extended Mercies More Abba Father…. ♥ ♥

Sharing (under the ‘Fair Use’ Copyright Act) Video From May 6th, 2019 … Divine Intervention Abba Father… in behalf of All YOUR Creations… In YAHUSHA-JESUS THE CHRIST I PRAY. AMEN.


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