04.27.19: What Can We Really Share In WordPress Without Being Rudely Interrupted? Who’s Getting Mad Behind The Wires?

And So 'They' 'Shut Down' My Laptop? 
This has NEVER, Ever happened to me before.
How can a 'Plugged In' Laptop, not using the
battery, 'shut down' And go fully dark? Even
refusing to turn on again while pressing the
'ON Button'? .... Mind You, My Laptop Is Fully

Who Has Become Soooo Offended With My YouTube Posts
That They've Decided To Blacken My Laptop?
Watch & Pray Daily... And Never Stop Learning. 🙂

Nah... This Is Not My Laptop. My Laptop Isn't
Functioning At All Right Now... I Just Wanted To
Post What Had Just Happened To Me, While Sharing
Videos On (Zionism) & Judaism Too ....

GOD Bless. ♥ ♥ 

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