04.19.19: Good Friday? Was Good For Whom?

What a day of gloominess, just as peculiar as can be. In looking back on the last days of JESUS’ life on earth. I can imagine the pain, tensions, tears, fears, and stress of HIS mother, disciples, and followers on that awfully painstaking, dreadful, and incredible day and moment in time, when such a loving, inspiring, soul chilling and fulfilling young man, called the CHRIST, the Son of the Living GOD (because of the Works He performed, the many lives He touched, the many hearts and diseases He healed, His blessed and spoken words of Authority, His Teachings That Enlightened to another level and Inspired in Goodness; even in forgiving the ‘unforgivable’ and His sinless life He lived)… was brutally mocked, scorned, whipped, and nailed upon a cross to be hung up for all the world to see…..

Surely in the hearts and minds of the Saints, Righteous, and His Followers, was dealt a brutal blow so profound, that their spirits were crushed beyond repair, as they stood in pain, fear, and nearly breathless, as they beheld, or even heard about an UNJUSTIFIED Crucifixion of a young man who wrought so much hope, love, joy, goodness, kindness,forgiveness, and mercies Never, Ever seen before… was wrongfully put to death by such a cruel and hateful group of Religious Bigots!

And sooo the weekend was truly spent in pains and sorrows sooooo very deep, that it would take Supernatural Hands from the GOD of Heaven, the GOD JESUS Often referred to and spoke about throughout His life and ministry, to Heal and Quicken the Life, Hope, and Joy, they once knew and felt…. can you imagine that? I surely can….. what a way to spend a long weekend…..

Many Hearts Were Broken & Left Feeling Helpless & Hopeless, During That Loooong, Painful Weekend…
pic. courtesy of: Clipart Library.

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