04.18.19: This Is Not What I Was Expecting: And Was Trying To Escape! … ♥

When I came over to WordPress, I came looking for a Site to use for my writings. I have pulled out of FB for many reasons… I write for Therapy and Inspiration, not for Competition. Howbeit though, FB uses this silly icon box called Likes, which can sometimes be stressful unto others who may not get the Likes they feel they deserve; and some others often get quite a lot, strangely so.

What is the purpose of the Like box? To Intimidate folks? To make some feel less favorable than others? I mean, we Often find people speaking on how no one is better than the next person… yeah, right! Just compare the Likes then, and that would paint a different story… You Think?

To my surprise, I’m finding the same thingy wingy here in WordPress… a Like box icon which I thought I was getting away from such nonsense! Likes often have a way of changing people, so they can make themselves become likable. Umm, Not Me! I am not ‘hung up’ on any likes because I’ve been taught and learned how very true it is, that not everyone will like you; no matter what you say or do in this life; and especially if you identify as being a Born Again Believer in the LORD JESUS CHRIST… 🙂

So on that Note, I’m glad GOD made me the way I am. My Life in HIM is NOT Centered Around being ‘Liked’ by anyone; especially because I know I am Loved; and have a loving fellowship with those who Love Me, for being Me in my walk in the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!

Likes are almost like looking for someone to ‘pat you on your back’ or ‘feeling a need to be accepted.’ Man, let me tell you, if you live your life like that, you will always be miserable and down in the dumps! You have to first Like and Love Yourself! Then You will be able to Love and appreciate Life from GOD ALMIGHTY Above, and can share that Love with others.

And I still find myself having difficulty liking other posts/blogs in here, even after I have upgraded myself to Premium… that didn’t change a darn thing as far as me liking other blogs; and my likes are still bouncing off, into outer space. So, you know what, the “HECK WITH THAT!” I won’t attempt to ‘Like’ anything else in here because my ‘Likes’ keep getting thrown out / rejected!

The lack of ‘Likes’ don’t Intimidate me either; not one bit. I did not come to WordPress to be Liked, I came to WordPress to Write, sharing my thoughts and innermost feelings of Love for Life and My LORD and Savior YAHUSHA-JESUS The CHRIST. Yes; AMEN! ♥ 🙂

Lesson Learned? To steer clear of any Websites / Website Hostings that feel the NEED to have a ‘Like Box’ Icon because I will Not be Manipulated nor Intimidated to Write for any ‘Likes’; neither will I be led to feel ‘left out’ for choosing to be me and what GOD made me to be; just because I do not appeal to a few. Also, I know exactly who the Real Manipulators are behind the wires. :). I will continue to write in here until my ‘Premium Year’ expires, then I’m done with this! …. // Just when I thought I was finally away from & free of ‘Social Media’s Nonsense!’ …… ‘Now This!’ ….

Smiling… Some of Us Know Who The ‘Real Manipulators’ Are That Wants Control Of Everything! Just Watch The ‘Patterns’ That Be!
Pic. Courtesy Of: Clipart Library.

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