4.08.19: Issues In Life

Good Morning! Howdy To All! 🙂

Question: No offense to anyone here …. but have any of you ever experienced a ‘lying doctor’? I asked that question because I have… and on more than one occasion. SMH…. Well, truth is, they are human just like we are …. but with an ‘agenda’… medically speaking….

All I will say right now, is to *Get Involved Always* with the medical care and treatments of your loved ones. Be sure to ask questions and get a good understanding of all medications prescribed, what they are for, their dosages, and for exactly how long. The life you can help save will be that of your loved ones for sure!

The Medical Arena is a ‘Broken System’ ….. and practicing Medicine is an ‘Art’! Patient, Beware. Always take the LORD JESUS with you as well as a caring loved one, when you have to go to a Medical Professional / E.R. / Hospital / Clinic / etc. … yes, it’s that serious.

Annnnnd, if you have a Doctor you love, give GOD Thanks and Praise …. 🙂 for this is a very rare case indeed!

Last, but not least: What’s extremely scary & disturbing to me? Many Doctors don’t believe in GOD….. that I have personally encountered… and their arrogance? Is a *Red Flag*. Interestingly enough, we can always say NO to certain treatments recommended; and request lesser dosages given to avoid ‘patient overdosing by their treating Physicians’. I speak as One learned ~ through experience; and by GOD’s Grace and Divine Intervention, my loved one is still Alive, while under my Care / Observation; and Faith in my LORD & SAVIOR YAHUSHA JESUS The CHRIST! 11+ years later; and counting… ♥ ♥ AMEN! ♥ HALLELUYAH!!! GOD Bless. ♥

I’ll point out what’s broken about it later on… I’m sure many of you already know though….

3 thoughts on “4.08.19: Issues In Life

  1. Yes, I agree with you. This is very good advice. There is so much going on in the medical profession these days. Praising God He is our protector and guide.

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    1. Yes HE IS Sonrisa! PRAISE GOD! HALLELUYAH! ♥ ♥ ♥ Also, I Thank You For Bearing Witness With My Blog. Bless Your Heart! My Beautiful Sister In The LORD. 🙂 ♥ ♥

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      1. Grace and blessings Sis💜Thank you.


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